CBSE Class 10 Board 2021 Result by June 20 based on Objective Assessment Criteria ; Check Marking Policy

CBSE has announced a policy for the tabulation of marks for Class 10 board exams. While 20 marks for each subject will be for internal assessment as every year, 80 marks will be calculated on basis of the students’ performance in various tests or exams throughout the year.

NEW DELHI: The Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) on Saturday released the marks distribution criteria for class 10 students, who will be promoted for class 11 without holding final board examination due to pandemic situation aroused by COVID 19.

-According to release issued by CBSE, the student will be assessed out of maximum 100 marks for each subject. The Internal Assessment for 20 marks will be as per the existing policy while the CBSE came up with innovative idea for distribution of remaining 80 marks in eachj subject.

-Due to cancellation of Board Examination, the Assessment of 80 marks will be given by school

a. based on the marks scored b y the candidates in the deferent tests/exams conducted by schools during the year, and

b. the marks should be in consonance with the past performance of the school in class X Board Examination.

The CBSE will consider the following exams for awarding the marks to candidates

Category of Tests/ Exams Maximum Marks
Periodic Tests/ Unit Tests 10 Marks
Hal yearly/ Mid-term Examinations 30 Marks
Pre Board Examination 40 Marks
Internal Assessment 20 Marks
Total 100 Marks
Download official notice click here

Formation of Result committee by School for CBSE 10 Board Exam Result:

In case schools have conducted more than one test/exam within each category, the result committee will fix the weightage to be given to each test/ exam within the category subject to the overall maximum marks for that category.

-For example, if a school has conducted two or three pre- board exam it may decide to take an average of all exams, take the best performance in all exams or give a weightage to each exam as considered suitable.

the CBSE Board has asked schools to form a 8 members result committee consisting of principal and 7 teachers for finalizing the results. 5 teachers from schools should be from Mathematics, Science, Social Science and two languages and two teachers from neighboring schools should be co-opted by the school as the external members of the committee.

Provision of Grace Marks for CBSE 10 Board Exam Result :

As per the official document, the board will compute the result based on the uploaded theory and internal assessment marks, In case during compilation, the board will continue with its policy to award grace marks. As a special measure, this year the board will also provide grace marks to the students who do not meet the qualifying criteria.

CBSE Class X Result 2021: Schedule

S.No. Activity Date
i. Formation of  Result Committee by School May 05, 2021
ii. Provision of subject -wise, school -wise distribution of marks as per previous Board Exams by CBSE May 05, 2021
iii. Finalization of Rationale Document May 10, 2021
iv. Conduct of Assessment, if any May 15, 2021
v. Finalization of Results by Schools May 25, 2021
vi. Checking and Moderation of results by schools May 28, 2021
vii. Submission of Marks to CBSE June 05, 2021
viii. Submission of internal assessment marks to CBSE June 11, 2021
ix. Declaration of result by CBSE June 20, 2021