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Foundation – One Year Classroom Program : To build a strong structure, most crucial factor is a solid Foundation. Prerna Education has started Foundation One Year Classroom Program to nurture young minds starting from Class 10th. It is a scientifically designed classroom program to build the foundation systematically for various Engineering (IIT JEE Mains & IIT JEE Advanced) and Medical (NEET & AIIMS) Entrance Examinations as well as various other competitive Examinations like NTSE | JSTSE | KVPY and Olympiads.

In the competitive world ahead, every year is important. students who succeed in JEE | NEET in the very first attempt itself, save it and invest this time in making their future brighter. Many of the chapters and concepts that are part of the JEE | NEET syllabus are introduced to the students in class 8th, class 9th & class 10th and taught in class 11th & class 12th.

So, the best way is to start your IIT-JEE | NEET preparation from the beginning of class 8th. It’s never late with Prerna Education’s scientifically designed Foundation One Year Classroom Program for Class 10th.

Scientifically Designed Foundation – One Year Classroom Program to develop

⮞ Scientific Temperament
⮞ Quantitative Aptitude
⮞ Problem solving skills
⮞ Logical Thinking
⮞ Reasoning Skill
⮞ Competitive Quotient

Pre-Foundation – One Year Classroom Program will be helpful in for various Competitive Exams & Olympiads:

S.No.Name of the ExamEligible StudentsSyllabusWebsite
1NTSE (National Talent Search Exam)10th class studentsMath, Science , Social Science, Mental
2KVPY (Kishore Vaigyanic Protsahan Yogana)12th class students12th class syllabus (PCMB)
3NSO (National Science Olympiad)1-12 class studentsCBSE | ICSE
4NCO (national cyber Olympiad)1-12 class studentsCBSE / ICSE
5UCO (unified cyber Olympiad)8-12 class studentsMental ability, reasoning, computer
6NSTSE (national science talent search exam1-12 class studentsCBSE / ICSE
7IMO (international mathematics Olympiad)1-12 class studentsCBSE / ICSE
8NSEJS (national standard exam in junior science)1-10 class studentsCBSE / ICSE
9SSTSE (state level science talent search exam)4-10 class studentsSCERT
10IOS (international Olympiad in science)1-12 class studentsCBSE / ICSE
11RMO (regional mathematics Olympiad)12 class studentsCBSE
12IOEL (international Olympiad of English language)1-12 class studentsCBSE / ICSE
13NSIB (national standard exam in biology)12 class studentsCBSE
14NSEC (national standard exam in chemistry)12 class studentsCBSE
15NSEA (national standard exam in astronomy12 class studentsCBSE
16NSEP (national standard exam in physics)12 class studentsCBSE
17Technotholon9-12 class studentsCBSE
18NIMO (national interactive mathematics Olympiad)5-12 class studentsCBSE
19NISO (national interactive science Olympiad)5-12 class studentsCBSE
20IGKO (international general knowledge Olympiad)1-12 class studentsCBSE / ICSE syllabus