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CBSE Class X Social Science Sample Papers 2024

Social Science unlocks the door to understanding the fascinating tapestry of human history, geography, political systems, and economics. But facing the CBSE Class 10 Board Exams 2024 in these subjects can feel like navigating a complex maze. Fear not, intrepid explorer! Download the latest CBSE Class X Social Science Sample Papers 2024 to boost your performance in the upcoming Board Examinations. This guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to confidently chart your course to success.

Key Elements of Success:

  • Conceptual Grasp: Rote memorization won’t win the day. Aim for a deep understanding of key concepts, events, and processes. Connect the dots across different chapters to see the bigger picture.

  • Map Mastery: Geography demands spatial awareness. Practice map marking, identifying locations, and understanding geographical features. Visualize concepts like trade routes, migrations, and political boundaries.

  • Timeline Tracking: History unfolds over time. Create timelines to organize key events, understand cause-and-effect relationships, and identify patterns and trends.

  • Active Reading: Don’t just passively read textbooks. Take notes, highlight important points, and ask questions to deepen your understanding. Engage with historical sources, maps, and visuals to enrich your learning.

  • Source Savvy: Learn to critically evaluate historical sources like primary documents, secondary accounts, and visual representations. Differentiate between facts and interpretations, and identify biases and perspectives.

  • Practice Makes Progress: Consistent practice is crucial. Solve practice questions, answer short-answer and long-answer questions, and write essays based on past year’s papers and sample papers. This hones your analytical skills and builds confidence.

  • Time Management: Develop good time management skills to ensure you answer all sections within the exam timeframe. Practice solving questions under timed conditions to avoid last-minute pressure.

  • Seek Support: Don’t hesitate to seek help from teachers, peers, or online resources when you encounter difficulties. A helping hand can clear doubts and make learning more efficient.

Download Social Science Sample Papers 2024

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Social Science Sample Paper 1 Click Here to Download Download Solution
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Social Science Sample Paper 4 Click Here to Download Download Solution

Preparation Strategy for Scoring 90+% in Soical Science 2024


  • Chapter 1: The Rise of Nationalism in India: Understand the factors that led to the rise of Indian nationalism, key figures like Gandhi and Nehru, and the struggle for independence.
  • Chapter 2: Nationalism in the World: Explore the rise of nationalism in other parts of the world, its impact on global politics, and its legacies.
  • Chapter 3: The Making of Democracy: Delve into the evolution of democratic ideals, principles like liberty, equality, and fraternity, and the challenges faced by democracies.
  • Chapter 4: Understanding Our Parliament: Learn about the structure and functions of the Indian Parliament, the roles of different branches, and how laws are made.
  • Chapter 5: Federalism: Grasp the concept of federalism, the division of power between the central and state governments in India, and its significance in managing a diverse country.


  • Chapter 1: Resources and Development: Understand the concept of resources, different types of resources (natural, human, capital), their sustainable use, and their role in development.
  • Chapter 2: Water Resources: Analyze the importance of water, challenges of water scarcity and pollution, and strategies for water conservation and management.
  • Chapter 3: Land Resources: Explore the importance of land, different types of land use (agriculture, forestry, industry), challenges of land degradation, and sustainable land management practices.
  • Chapter 4: Transport and Communication: Understand the role of transportation and communication in connecting people and places, different modes of transport and communication, and their impact on economic development.
  • Chapter 5: Trade and Tourism: Learn about the importance of trade in a globalized world, different types of trade, factors influencing trade patterns, and the rise of tourism as an industry.

Political Science:

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Our Constitution: Study the basic features of the Indian Constitution, its fundamental rights and duties, and the role of the judiciary in upholding the Constitution.
  • Chapter 2: Election and Democracy: Understand the process of elections in India, the role of the Election Commission, and the importance of participation in a democracy.
  • Chapter 3: Popularly Elected Bodies: Learn about the structure and functions of different levels of government in India (local, state, and central), and the roles of elected representatives.
  • Chapter 4: Democracy and Diversity: Explore the challenges and opportunities of managing diversity in a democracy, issues like minority rights, gender equality, and social justice.
  • Chapter 5: Outcomes of Democracy: Analyze the positive and negative outcomes of democracy, its impact on development, and the challenges faced by democracies in the 21st century.

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