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About Prerna Ambitious Talent Hunt-2022


Prerna Education is conducting Prerna Ambitious Talent Hunt Exam (PATH) for class 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th studying students. PATH is Scholarship Examination which we conduct to bring out the hidden talent of Ambitious students who have ambitions to become Doctors & Engineers.

PATH is the first step towards career milestone where students get upto 100% scholarship worth of Rs.90 lacs on the basis of their performance in examination and Top Scorer students will be rewarded with Cash Prizes of upto Rs.30 lacs to boost up their capabilities, to make surprising changes in their life & to prepare them for different focused examinations. PATH will be conducted in both Online & Offline Mode


Exam Dates PATH-2022


20th & 27th

November, 2022

ONLINE Exam Date

18th, 21st, 24th & 27th

November, 2022

 Important Details PATH-2022


    Class VII, VIII, IX,X, XI & XII Studying students.


    ONLINE MODE (Daily@Home)

    OFFLINE MODE (@Prerna Centre)


    Offline: Through visiting at centres

    Online: Through Registration link

  • Submit Your Details

    Fill in your details in the application form and submit

  • Registration

    Note your registration number after completing your registration

  • Admit Card

    you can collect your admit card from nearest PRERNA EDUCATION centre

How to Register

PATH (Prerna Ambitious Talent Hunt Exam) seats are filling fast. Please follow the mentioned registration process to take the first step towards your success.

Exam Pattern PATH-2022

For Class 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th 

Total Number of Questions: There will be total 45 questions.

Nature of Questions:  45 Multiple Choice Questions

Marking Scheme: Multiple Choice Question will be carrying on 4 marks each

Negative Marking: There will be negative marking of -1 for each wrong answer

Total Number of Marks: The entrance exam will be of 180 marks.

Duration: 2 hours

Distribution of Questions: Candidates can refer to the table given below to check the distribution of questions in each section.

Multiple Choice Questions
Subjects Number of Questions
Mathematics 15
Science 15
Mental Ability 15

For Class 11th & 12th

Multiple Choice Questions
Subjects Number of Questions
Physics 15
Chemistry 15
Mathematics/ Biology 15

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    Syllabus PATH-2022

    The syllabus will be taken from previous classes curriculum of students.

    For Class 7th students

    Subjects Components
    Science Nutrition, Fibre to Fabric, Physical and Chemical Changes, Acids, Bases and Salts, Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate, Wind, Storms and Cyclones, Life Processes, Motion and Time, Electricity and Light, Our Environment,
    Mathematics Number System and Its Operations, Exponents, Algebraic Expression and Linear Equation, Ratio and Proportion Percentage and S.I. and C.I., Data Handling, Geometry, Mensuration,Comparing Quantities, Lines & Angels, Perimeter and Area
    Mental Ability Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning: Number of Alphabet Test, Series, Classification, analog, Direct Test, Coding & Decoding, Problems based on Figures.

    For Class 8th students

    Subjects Components
    Science Friction, Force & Pressure, Sound, Chemical effects of Electric Current, Metals & Non- Metals, Synthetics Fibres & Plastics, Microorganisms, Crop Production & Management, Conservation of Plants & animals, Cell Structure & Function,
    Mathematics Rational Numbers, Linear Equation in 1 Variable, Quadrilaterals, Square & Square Roots, Cube 7& Cube Roots, Data Handling, Comparing Quantities, Lines & Angles, Mensuration
    Mental Ability Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning: Number of Alphabet Test, Series, Classification, analog, Direct Test, Coding & Decoding, Problems based on Figures.

    For Class 9th students

    Subjects Components
    Science Gravitation, Motion, Force & Laws of Motion, Is Matter around us Pure? Matter in our Surroundings, The Fundamental Unit of Life, Tissues, Diversity in Living Organisms.
    Mathematics Polynomials, Lines & Angles, Triangles, Number System, Linear Equation in 2 Variable, Circle, Surface Area and Volume
    Mental Ability Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning: Number of Alphabet Test, Series, Classification, analog, Direct Test, Coding & Decoding, Problems based on Figures & Matrix, Analytical Reasoning, General Logical Reasoning.

    For Class 10th students

    Subjects Components
    Physics Light, Human Eye & Colorful World, Electricity, Chemical Reactions & Equations, Acids, Bases and Salt, Metals & Non-Metals, Life Processes, Control & coordination, How do Organisms Reproduce?
    Chemistry Real Numbers, Pair of Linear Equations in 2 Variables, Arithmetic Progressions, Coordinate Geometry, Introduction to Trigonometry, Circle, Area related to Circle, Triangle, Surface area and Volume
    Mental Ability Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning: Number of Alphabet Test, Series, Classification, analog, Direct Test, Coding & Decoding, Problems based on Figures & Matrix, Analytical Reasoning, General Logical Reasoning.

    For Class 11th students

    Subjects Components
    Physics Physical world and Measurement l Kinematics l Laws of Motion l Work, Energy and Power l Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body l Gravitation l Properties of Bulk Matter l Thermodynamics l Behavior of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory l Oscillations and Waves
    Chemistry Basic Concepts of Chemistry l Structure of Atom l Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties l Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure l States of Matter: Gases and Liquids l Thermodynamics l Equilibrium , Redox Reactions l Hydrogen, s-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals, Some p-Block Elements (B,C,N) l Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles and Techniques l Hydrocarbons l Environmental Chemistry
    Biology Diversity in living world I Structural Organization in Plants & Animals l Cell Structure and Functions l Transport, Nutrition & Growth in plants l Photosynthesis and Respiration in Plants l Digestion and absorption. l Breathing and respiration. l Body fluids and circulation. l Excretory products and elimination. l Locomotion and movement. l Control and coordination.
    Mathematics Sets l Relation and function l Trigonometric functions l Mathematical Induction l Complex number l Sequence and series l Permutation and combination l Binomial theorem l Coordinate geometry l Limits and derivatives l Statistics, 3D geometry l Vectors l Probability l Logarithm l Inequality l Applied mathematics l Mathematical reasoning

    Scholarship and Cash Rewards PATH-2022

    It is to be noted that cash rewards will be granted through cheques. Candidates can check the information about scholarships percentage and cash rewards from the tables given below:

    Cash Rewards criteria for students

    Category Rank Cash Prize
    National Toppers 1 Rs. 10000/-
      2 Rs. 7000/-
      3 Rs. 5000/-
    City Toppers 1 Rs. 5000/-
      2 Rs. 4000/-
      3 Rs. 2000/-
    Top 10 Rankers in Each Class 1-10 Rs. 1000/- Each

    Scholarships criteria for students

    Rank Tuition Fees Administration Fees
    Top 1-10 Rankers 100% Scholarship Chargeable
    Top 11-20 Rankers 80% Scholarship Chargeable
    Top 21-30 Rankers 50% Scholarship Chargeable

    The scholarship are applicable for the following given classroom program:


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