When education and business meet each other: A revolution is born! The good thing is that such a revolution helps aspirants and candidates to gain more security and fruition in their professional lives. With the organizations, taking a great part of the education sector being converted to private enterprises, it is therefore more than important to find out a way to get to own one because THIS IS THE TIME! In this regard, we might help you a little bit. Before that, let us introduce ourselves to you by some humble words. Who doesn’t want a good business partner to begin with? We can give you that as we belong to the sector with both reputation and years of experiences. We work on a pan India basis serving the entire nation by many of four units spread around the country.

An Education Franchise should take the full responsibility of branding the business in their particular Country, State, City or Area.

We need serious, energetic people to take care of this franchise business to develop themselves. A franchise should have a passion for teaching children in a play way manner to develop the business. The success of any education business depends on the quality of delivery of the course.

More than a business, it is also important to take the responsibility of teaching the children with utmost care and with the true methodologies. A franchise should explore the young minds of children through his/her teaching.

 Why Choose Prerna Education for Education Franchise?




Extremely minimal investment towards training and support fees to Prerna Education



You get the jumpstart advantage of 10+ years of expertise of Prerna Education brand, goodwill, systems, processes and pedagogies thereby making it easier to build business at zero risk.




No hidden cost implies an affordable option for students, and a transparent one for the franchisee.



An education franchise is one of the most financially rewarding businesses, in terms of achieving the breakeven early (provided the operational efforts made are efficient).



Prerna Education is well known for its unparalleled study material, teaching methodology Updated & latest exam patterns, these are supported with regular training sessions and workshops.



Experience & Quality Faculty and Staff recruitment with regular training session.

Key points to Education Franchise?



ü  An individual or organisation who is passionate about education.

ü  Person who loves to be with children and educate them

ü  Housewives, fresh graduates, who have an inclination to be an entrepreneur; and earn additional income.


ü  Complete Training Support to teachers

ü  Digital marketing support, Lead generation support

ü  Provide all softcopies of banners, brochures, leaflets, Course pamphlets, promotional materials




ü  A Business Opportunity with an Established Brand Name in the field.

ü  Become your own boss

ü  Easy to start and operate

ü  Develop Social respect and value




ü  Area required: 1000-1500 sq. ft.

ü  Have passion for teaching/education.

ü  Should adopt innovative teaching methods.

ü  Investment range – INR 10,00,000/- to 15,00,000/-


 Education Franchise Step by Step Process

1.      Express Your Interest

Now apply for your franchise anytime online and from anywhere with the help of the Prerna Education website.

2.      Franchise Proposal

We would surely want to extend our services by centralizing our units in your city or town.

3.      Meeting

Prerna Education believes in cultivating and growing its knowledge base and educational services by meeting.

4.      Franchise Agreement

When you’ve agreed to work with us, we might want you to verify your documentations.

5.      Final approval

Once these processes are done smoothly, we shall approve you as a part of our family.

Education Franchise FAQ’s

 What is the Investment Requirement for the Franchise?

On a basic level, you might need to invest 10 lac rupees. It is Low-cost Franchise with high profit in India But, in case you want progressive plans in mind such as extending the services of the organization or being more accessible to an increased number of students; then you might consider investing anywhere from 10 lac rupees to a maximum of 20 lac rupees.

What qualities does Prerna Eduation look for in a person?

Prerna Education as the most profitable franchise looks for a person with a dynamic and positive view towards life. It is a fact that the owner of this franchise is going to lead the next generation and one needs to be optimistic; hard working and educated to be that.

Do I need to be flexible in order to lead the franchise?

Yes, one needs to be flexible and comfortable with different shifts throughout the day. The person may also need to correspond with different units located in alternative areas to keep up with the updates and developments of the services.

What kind of experience is Prerna Education looking for?

The experiences that Prerna education is looking for is nothing very special but effective. The person owning a franchise of this brand must expose managerial skills. He or she must also be adept in performing administrative tasks and managing human resource agendas.

Does an individual need some sort of practical knowledge for this?

Of course! One must know about advanced information of the town or city where he or she might plan to purchase the franchise.

What is the minimum area for the franchise?

The minimum area for the Education Franchise in India must be from 1000 sq. ft. to 1500 sq. ft. But a larger area would be good for the centre as well.

What can the franchise offer one in the long run?

With determination and the will to serve the generation, the franchise can become one of the academic service giants in a town or city.

Does a person need to have and show ethics for this?

Definitely! It is a work where humans are involved and they need constant inspiration and empathy to work their way out and be successful.